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The concept and idea of modernization is no more new and in contrast has given way to principles that are progressive and ever evolving which is a paradigm shift. Modernization and its metamorphosis have spread across borders giving rise to Globalization and a sustained need to keep pace with the demanding changes.

ITProFound realizes that change is reckoned as a constant in this agile paced era of modernization and transformation and maintains its focus on the challenges, risks, costs, strategies and benefits, technology, etc as it endeavors to provide cost effective and mutually beneficial solutions whilst bridging the legacy and new systems.

We understand the importance of legacy systems, where modern technology often represents nirvana and the need meet the changing times due to the evolution of technology. While many do not many realize that some of the legacy functions are too important to be left unused, and too expensive to reproduce again, ITProFound maintains attention and balance towards component-based software development to enhance productivity and accelerate time to market ensuring noteworthy ROI during every enhancement, migration or new built.


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